Auto Renewal of your account through Sumopayroll

Auto Renewal

Sumopayroll offers easily configurable and customized ‘Auto Renewal’ options. The ‘Upgrade Plan’ option which is present in the account Information will provide an enhanced way to choose the plan based through the number of employees in a particular company. And in the payment method, there is an option to enable auto renewal which is helpful in avoiding the processing fees on card payments.

Basically consisting of auto-renewal option provides flexibility and ease of use to individuals. Users can choose through the process of selecting the payment method every month/year. Investing every time for a particular payment method each month/year can be straining. Switching to ‘Auto Renewal’ will ensure that there is sufficient amount of time where the secured transactions will be done automatically.

Customized ‘Auto Renewal’ options

  • Secured options to Enable/Disable Auto-Renewal.
  • Payment Method for both Credit and Debit Card if ‘Auto Renewal’ option is enabled.
  • Flexibility in opting for ‘Net Banking’ if ‘Auto Renewal’ option is disabled.
  • Multiple options for choosing a plan based on the number of employees in a particular company.
  • Automatic calculation of the GST and Total Amount depending on the chosen plan.



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