Direct Deposit

How it works


To ‘Activate’ the ‘Direct Deposit’ option, send a ‘Request’ to SumoPayroll ‘Admin.’ Submit the following for the ‘Activation.’

  • Business Registration Proof.

  • Company’s Bank Account Statement with Address.

  • Authorized Signatory’s Address Proof files.


The option of ‘Direct Deposit’ will be ‘Activated’ for the ‘Requested’ company by the ‘Admin.’


The ‘Requested’ company’s ‘Super Admin’ will be given the option to start the ‘Direct Deposit Process’ followed by the option of scheduling the ‘Direct Deposit’ date with the simplified option for the payment through by just clicking on the button ‘Start Direct Deposit.’

virtual account

Once the submission of scheduling date details is done. The funds will get transferred to the ‘SumoPayroll Virtual Account’ by the requested company’s ‘Super Admin.’ By, reviewing and confirming the direct deposit charges and payment details.

funds transfer

Once the funds get transferred, SumoPayroll ‘Admin’ will schedule the ‘Direct Deposit’ for the requested company.

payment to employees

The amount will get transferred to the each and every employee’s account without any trouble.

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