Shift Management

An easiest way to customize work shifts in minutes

The smart way to make shift planning easy. It assists you to customize shifts and also allows you to manage changes in shifts

Flexible Shift creation


Shift creation has been easier in recent years with the introduction of cloud-based shift management solution.It provides flexibility in scheduling the right employee in the right time and place to make your business run smoothly. 

 It helps you to plan the employee shifts and schedule them without any hurdles and process a smooth transition.

Assign shifts for single or multiple employees at once

If you want your organization to be productive you need to have proper management /assigning  of shifts to employees.

Schedule your employees smartly by assigning shifts one at a time or multiple shifts at once. Shift management system works as a bridge to fill the communication gap and manages the workflow.

integrated with attendance management

It is fully integrated with a  bio-metric and mobile attendance system for managing all your shifts.It can easily be configured for  attendance rules, clock-in and clock-out times along with weekly offs and paid holidays for all the employees in each shift  

 It also computes overtime working hours for the employees, due to its seamless integration

customize shift work hours

Manage your workforce by creating multiple shifts as per your organization needs. Build customized shifts and monitor employees break hours  with ease.

You can add a custom shift or use a shift template to save time. Customize various attendance requirements and complex shift rules for the workforce.

Notify Shift Change

When the employer allocates shifts to the employees, the employees needs to be notified. Sumopayroll helps in notifying employees via mail in the last minute changes in the shift.

Scenarios like when updating or assigning a shift to the employee , it will trigger shift notifications to that individual employee.

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