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We're delighted to support 650+ companies in their HR & Payroll processing

Great Features And Benefits

Here are even more ways Sumopayroll can help you simplify your Payroll processing

Payroll Management

Easily gets integrated with time & attendance, loans, reimbursements and also process the payroll seamlessly.

Bank Direct Deposits

Electronic method to make employee payments in a safe and secure way, once employee payroll processing is done.


Paperless Onboarding

Time to go paperless to enjoy the experience. Create customized On-boarding forms to capture & record the process

Customize and Configure

 Customize on-boarding, allowances, deductions , and many more to work smoothly and stay ahead in the business. 

Leave management

Leave Management

Assign  predefined leave rules or create custom rules. Easy to use Leave processing for both employees and employers

Time management

Time & Expense Tracking

Automated end to end time tracking management starting from workflow to managing employees expenses.

Employee Access

Employees can view as well as download their payslips, year to-date salary reports, and Form-16 too.

Employee Management

Quick way to manage employees exit process and workflow with full and final and arrears settlements.

Time & Expense Tracking

End to end time tracking management starting from workflow to managing employees expenses.



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It enables to store & manage details pertaining to each individual employee.

Mark attendance using Time-sheets, Time-clock, Excel Upload, Manual Entry and Bio-metric Integration.

Capture Attendance, Check Compensations & Expenditure, Verify IT declarations and Process the payroll.

Steps to Process a Payroll


Free for upto 10 employees get started today!


Per Employee


100% Cloud

Employee Management

Payroll Compliance

Expenses Tracking

Consultant Management

eTDS Filing

Arrears & Settlements

Employee Payroll

Direct Bank Deposits

Time & Attendance Tracking

10 Cr+ Salary Deposits

1 Lac+ Payslip Downloads

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         Streamline your business and improve the productivity of the employees and business with the help of HR & Payroll software

Sumopayroll is a cloud based Employee Payroll and HR Management solution.

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