Advantages of having a bio-metric system integrated in payroll.

A Biometric Attendance solution that if integrated with Payroll and HR system will eliminate employee time theft without stress. Time & Attendance solution is engineered to help organizations manage their human resource capital efficiently, minimize inconsistencies, and ensures improved productivity by saving time.

It’s been observed that in most businesses payroll and workforce management consumes almost 50% of their total budget. That’s the main reason many organizations are adopting biometric time and attendance systems to improve workforce productivity, efficiency, and labor management. By using biometric technology the data will be systematically gathered and converted to a database format for processing.

Benefits of adopting Bio-metric Time & Attendance systems

Increase in Accuracy- Biometric time and attendance registration and identification, reduce or can eliminate the need for any manual re-entry of timekeeping data into a payroll system when the two are integrated. The result is an accurate payroll processing that can take as little as 20 minutes per pay period. It will accurately track employee time and attendance, which prevents time theft issues such as early arrivals, early departures, and unauthorized overtime.

Reduction in Cost- By integrating biometric attendance data into payroll paperwork is minimized, it saves lots of working hours by providing data electronically, effectively eliminating the time required to manually calculate work and overtime hours. This will also streamline employee time. All these can be achieved with a low-cost biometric system.

On-Time Data Collection- Biometrics saves the time required to manually calculate employee work hours by eliminating the practice of keeping manual time and attendance records. The data stored in it can be quick, easy, and efficiently transferred to payroll software.

Privacy Concerns- Many organizations and employees have misunderstandings about biometric time and attendance system that it will violate their privacy. In reality, biometric time and attendance systems do not store or use any fingerprint image making it nearly impossible for criminals to hack a system. Biometric time clocks scan the identified features and translate them into a numbered code that corresponds to a specific employee ID. Without an associated picture, the scans can’t be used to track an individual or steal that person’s identity. In fact, there could be an argument that the use of biometrics actually enhances employee privacy.

Biometrics not only provide accurate employee work hour details, but also saves employee time and decreases staffing overhead to effectively manage business operations and increase productivity.



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