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Employee Management

Payroll Compliance

Expenses Tracking

Consultant Management

eTDS Filing

Arrears & Settlements

Employee Payroll

Direct Bank Deposits

Time & Attendance Tracking

10 Cr+ Salary Deposits

1 Lac+ Payslip Downloads


Per Employee

Minimum 25 Employees


Multi-User Login Access

Email Support

Automatic Payment Exception Handling

Quickbooks IIF Download

Ecommerce, Billing, Donation, and Retail Payment Tools

Daily Bank Settlements

Bank Transfers

Stablecoin Settlement

Daily Cryptocurrency Settlements:

All 240 Supported Countries and Territories

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering Sumopayroll HR and Payroll Software for Free?

We know what it takes to be a startup or a small company. We want to support those organizations. We except that they will eventually grow into a paid plan and will be loyal customers. 

Does your free period include all the features that a paid customer gets?

Yes. All the features of the product are included. However, if a company needs payroll outsourcing , we can offer it to you at a minimal fee.

How long does Sumopayroll offer free for Startups?

It is Free as long as you are in a startup mode or under 10 employees.

Is Direct Deposit feature free as well?

Direct Deposit is offered for free in the Free period. 

Is the Employee Mobile App Free in the Free period?

Yes, our Employee self-service mobile app is included in this.

Is Onboarding Included in the Free period?

Yes, we do offer company and employee onboarding. However, it is very easy to do it by yourselves.