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No trials, No credit card required. Just Free HR and Payroll Software online for companies with employees less than 10. Manage employees, process payroll and calculate deductions like TDS, ESI, EPF, Profession tax automatically.

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Great Features & Benefits

Things Go better with even more better ways that SumoPayroll can help you simplify your payroll processing.

Payroll Management

Easily gets integrated with time & attendance, loans, reimbursements and also process the payroll seamlessly.

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Bank Direct Deposits

Make employee payments in a safe and secure way once employee payroll processing is done.

Paperless Onboarding

Time to go paperless to enjoy the experience & takes it to the next level.  Create customized onboarding forms to capture all the necessary process  & record  all employee details. 

Customize and Configure

Customize on-boarding, allowances, deductions , and many more to work smoothly and stay ahead in the business.

Leave management

Leave Policies

You can easily apply & get leave approved in one click using our leave management. 

Time & Attendance Tracking

End to end time tracking management starting from workflow to managing employees expenses.

Employee Access

Employees can view as well as download their payslips, year to-date salary reports, and Form-16 too.

Employee Management

Quick way to manage employees exit process and workflow with full and final and arrears settlements.

Time Tracking

End to end time tracking management starting from workflow to managing employees expenses.



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Complete HR and Payroll Solution

Easily manageable resource & configure all at one place effectively online, is everything you need.

  • Employee Details

It enables to store & manage details pertaining to each individual employee.

  • Attendance

Mark attendance using Timesheets, Excel Upload, Manual Edit and Bio-metric Integration.

  •  Payroll Process

Capture Attendance, Check Compensations & Expenditure, Verify IT Savings and Final Review.

Process your payroll in minutes.

When you are done, just click a button to Direct Deposit the checks from within our app.

Create a Employee 

Create a employee with basic details as Shown bellow

Enter Salary for the Employee 

Enter Gross and it will automatically Calculate the Basic, Allowances and Deductions for you.

Import or Enter Attendance for the month 


Process Payroll

Process payroll for that month with the compensation and Attendance provided.

Release Payslips

You can release payslips once the payment is done and Employee can access them by logging into there Sumopayroll Account.

Pricing - Our Payroll Software is Free for upto 10 Employees

Open and Transparent Pricing for above 10 employees


Per Employee


100% Cloud

Employee Management

Payroll Compliance

Expenses Tracking

Consultant Management

eTDS Filing

Arrears & Settlements

Employee Payroll

  • Multiple Batches
  • Multiple Locations
  • Compensation History
  • Online Payslips

Direct Bank Deposits

  • Safe & Secure payments
  • Fully Automated
  • Hassle Free Process
  • Transparent Reporting

Time & Attendance Tracking

  • Time clock with Geo Location
  • Timesheets
  • Attendance Import
  • Bio-metric Integration

10 Cr+ Salary Deposits

1 Lac+ Payslip Downloads


Upto 25 Employees




Upto 50 Employees




Upto 100 Employees



Basic Plan

Upto 25 Employees

  • Employee Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Direct Deposit
  • Time Tracking
  • Mobile App



Yearly Subscription

100+ Employees Contact Us for Special Pricing

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering Sumopayroll HR and Payroll Software for Free?

We know what it takes to be a startup or a small company. We want to support those organizations. We except that they will eventually grow into a paid plan and will be loyal customers. 

Does your free period include all the features that a paid customer gets?

Yes. All the features of the product are included. However, if a company needs payroll outsourcing , we can offer it to you at a minimal fee.

How long does Sumopayroll offer free for Startups?

It is Free as long as you are in a startup mode or under 10 employees.

Is Direct Deposit feature free as well?

Direct Deposit is offered for free in the Free period. 

Is the Employee Mobile App Free in the Free period?

Yes, our Employee self-service mobile app is included in this.

Is Onboarding Included in the Free period?

Yes, we do offer company and employee onboarding. However, it is very easy to do it by yourselves. 

SumoPayroll is a cloud based Employee Payroll and HR Management software.

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