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Payroll, Employee and Attendance Module


* Upto 10 employees

* ₹15/emp if above 10

  • Add and Track leave requests
  • Manage requests based on Org Chart
  • Configure leave policy for employees
  • Month wise leave report and leave balance tracking

Leave Management


  • Track and manage expenses
  • Set expense policy for employees
  • Expense approvals and schedule payments through payroll

Expense Management


Project and Timesheet Management

  • Track employee Working Hours
  • Project Timesheets and Approvals
  • Missing Timesheets for month
  • Month wise time report for employees


Timeclock Web & Mobile App

  • Track employee Clock IN and OUT timings for each day
  • Manual timeclock and correction request
  • Day wise missing Timeclock Report for each employee


  • Individual or Company based consultants
  • Automate GST and TDS calculation

Consultant Management


Choose no. of employees



Yearly (Save 20%)


Per Employee



Add on's Cost


Our Low cost Payroll Solution!!
Empowering you to automate your payroll processes and transition seamlessly from manual workforce management to automation. Our user friendly payroll software pricing is not only affordable but also comes with an Incredible offer –
It's FREE for up to 10 employees!

100+ Employees Contact us for Enterprise pricing

Switch to yearly and save upto 20%

*Price does not include GST



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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering the SumoPayroll application for Free to startups (below 10 employees)?

So many hurdles to overcome for a start-up, we expect them to grow eventually thereby we can generate revenue when they upgrade to a paid plan, being a loyal customer for SumoPayroll. It’s a win-win situation for both SumoPayroll & the start-up

Is employee onboarding included in the free plan?

Yes, we do assist you to configure your company settings and onboarding your employees. However, you could do it on your own, as it is an easy-to-use self-explanatory application.

How long does SumoPayroll offer free for Start-Ups?

It is Free as long as your employee count is less than or equal to 10

Do you offer Bank Direct Deposit for free?

It is a free feature but bank charges & GST are applied

Can I select the add on modules i need?

Yes, you can select the add ons as per your requirement, the charges are applied according to the module you subscribe for alongwith the base payroll module

Can I unsubscribe a module?

Yes you can, you need to raise a request to support team but the cost will be effective from next renewal subscricption only

Is the Employee Mobile App Free?

It is an add on feature to be subscribed at Rs. 5 per employee per month

Does your free plan include all the features?

No, the free plan is limited to the payroll module only. Any other module if required can be subscribed to at an affordable cost per employee per month

Can I subscribe to any add on within the free plan

Yes, the base payroll module is free if your employee count is 10 or below 10, at the same time you can add on any module as per your requirement by paying the additional add on cost only


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Yearly (Save 20%)


Base emp cost



Features cost