Manage Employee at Your Fingertips

Manage your employees in one location. Our employee management screen provides information such as personal info, contact details, bank details, payroll information, compensation information & employee documents such as experience certificates, education certificates & soft copies of AADHAR, PAN & DL.

Employee Management

Manage your employee salary payments better using Sumopayroll

Sumopayroll helps you organize employees by batches. In payroll processing, you can use batches to categorize employees by work location or department. This way your team quickly find relevant employees and check the reports for them.
Employee Management

Create/Edit Employee

Employee management involves ensuring that Employee Information can always be editable whenever necessary to update your employee database.

Employee import

Bulk import by a template is possible to import your employee database as quickly as possible, thereby adding your employees to SumoPayroll is instantly completed.

Onboard employees online

You can invite your employee to onboard themselves online with all the necessary information & documents required for on boarding.

Employee Compensation

When you set your employee compensation, the system automatically calculates CTC when you provide monthly gross & other allowances. You can add monthly deductions too apart from the regular compliances like profession tax, employee state insurance & provident fund.


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