COVID-19 Important Update: We continue to support our clients amidst this covid 19 pandemic. Our team of experts are available via chat, email: (or) call us on +91 91210-09566, +91 91210-8566. Stay Home! Stay Safe!

COVID-19 Important Update: We continue to support our clients amidst this covid 19 pandemic. Our team of experts are available via chat, email: (or) call us on +91 91210-09566, +91 91210-8566. Stay Home! Stay Safe!

India’s free Payroll & HR management software on the cloud

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Simplify your HR, Time & Attendance, Payroll and other important HCM functions with ease. Process your Payroll in minutes. Keep it transparent with your employees.

Payroll made easy

Leave the heavy lifting to our Sumopayroll. Payroll Calculations, Payslips, Statutory Forms, Settlements, Reports are just a click away.

Configurable Roles & Access

Every organization is structured in a different way. Customize our app to better suit your organization structure


Hosted in Cloud

Purely native to the cloud – Always available, secure and scalable solution.

Sumopayroll App

✓ Download our Free Employee Payroll Application Now

✓ Access Payslips anytime and anywhere. Get notifications when your company processes payroll online.

✓ Request for leaves or submit an HR Request for an offer letter or tax statement

✓ Access your Information through the app

Why SumoPayroll?

Sumopayroll is a leading cloud-based HR and Payroll software, conceived in 2015 developed by an invincible team coupled with the best of technology which is hard to find.

It aims to say goodbye to paper office. The larger the organization, the complexities of the HR function will undoubtedly increase. Accurate and on time Employee payroll & complying with statutory laws is crucial for running a business.

Therefore, our product is tailored to the company’s need which increases the efficiency with the touch of the button.

How it Works

Employee Information

Fill up the profile details of an employee which comprises: Basic, Job, Tax and Account Information, etc. Employee compensation and IT Savings can also be filed

Employee Information
Salary Information

Salary Information

Fill up payroll details like salary information, overtime rate, payment mode, commissions, bonus and payroll history

Timesheet Management

Payroll will be generated based on the timesheets present for the employees. Option to approve, reject timesheets and generation of monthly time report. Tracking if missing timesheets

Timesheet Management
Payroll Process

Payroll Process

Run the payroll by selecting the batch and payperiod, Options to view payslips, claim for advances/loans, settlements and Tax forms are available


Generation of reports and the downloading option is available both in PDF and Excel formats


Our Customers

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Our Customers

Our Features

Time Management

Increases the efficiency and productivity by quick uploading of data with accurate results

Employee Self Service

From address change to insurance change, an employee can access and update information

Payroll Management

Process payroll for a month in multiple batches by grouping employees into various batches

Expense Tracking

Report expense by feeding expense type, incurred date and amount by supporting receipts

Leave Management

Leave Management

Use leave management module to manage employee requests for leave/vacation

Employee Management

Employee Management

One place for all employee-related information that is easily accessible

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