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HR & Payroll


Using, Sumopayroll you can process payroll in a minute.

Employees can submit or upload their Income tax savings from My IT Declarations page.

Yes. You have the option to import the file however it takes only 100 employees at a time. You can import as many times you like.

From service providers to manufacturing shops to non-profits, our payroll software is designed to fit the payroll management needs of most companies.

Any size organization can use our payroll software starting from 1 to more than 100.

Settlements can be done for the missing payperiods or for terminated employees using the settlement option. 

Yes, you can sign up in the middle of the financial year. 
The existing payrolls data can be imported using the YTD import option.

Our payroll software is designed not only for payroll experts, it is designed for all business owners and HR personnel as well. We’ve designed the screens to be straightforward and user-friendly, guiding you through each step of the payroll process.

Even if you have only 5 employees, payroll can be complicated, time -consuming process for small business owners. Sumopayroll can simplify your payroll management so that you can focus on your business.

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