Customize Pay Period of your Organization

Pay Period Customization

A pay period calculates an employee’s work for compensation within a month’s duration. Depending on the company’s policy you can customize your pay period, the pay period may vary for each employee. The pay period determines when the employee will receive their pay.

Based on the policies the pay period may differ sometimes like

  • Weekly Pay Period: Employees receive payment every week.
  • Bi-weekly Pay Period: Employees receive payment every two weeks.
  • Semi-monthly Pay Period: Employees are paid twice a month.
  • Monthly Pay Period: Employees are paid once a month for the entire month.

You can customize your pay period, enabling your manager and HR to align the pay period with company norms. This helps prevent overlapping, duplicates, or gaps between pay periods.

Sumopayroll is an HRMS application that allows your management to edit the pay period based on company privileges. It provides features such as the frequency of the pay period, determining the pay period of the month (e.g., 1st – 30th or 26th – 25th), commencement period, paydays (working days or actual days in the month), and the option to include holidays or weekends in your paydays.

Sumopayroll is here to assist you by offering a comprehensive platform for your company. It seamlessly integrates time tracking, payroll, and bank direct deposit services. With Sumopayroll, you can effortlessly record and report every item for your

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