Customize Pay Period of your Organization

Pay Period Customization

Customize the Pay Periods with the quick editing pay periods which provide more flexibility to Account Holders and Managers with Payroll privileges in an Organization. Editing Pay Periods ensures your account does not have overlapping, duplicate, or gaps between Pay Periods.

Sumopayroll’s customized pay period allows any organization to choose a pay period depending on their business needs. Options like frequency, pay period start date, starting Month/ Year, Pay Days like working days or actual days in the month, Weekly offs, and Holidays.

It allows paydays to choose between working days or actual days. Besides, editing and updating the attendance manually before starting the payroll process if there are any exceptions towards the specific employee.


  • Customize the pay period by choosing any date in a payroll month.
  • Managing the work schedule.
  • Checking the recent activity.



What are TRACES?

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