Enhanced Company Setup

Enhances Company Setup

Once you signup in SumoPayroll, start using Sumopayroll by choosing either Customized Settings or Express Settings. Opt for Express Settings, the generic way of using the payroll services which helps you with all the basic needs to get an enhanced way of company setup.

However, for Customized Settings which helps to run all your business needs in a more accurate and ‘Enhanced Company Setup’ way, you should complete a few more steps below:

Steps to be followed

  • Continue setting up lists, for example, adding the work location of your organization.
  • Enter Holidays list, like National Holidays, Regional Holidays, Festivals, etc…
  • Assign the work schedule of your organization.
  • Enter your company’s department name into the existing department list.
  • Configure employee types by adding them based on your company’s requirements.
  • Configure the number of days for Sick Leave, Vacation Leave, Combo Offs, etc.
  • Choose either Department-Based or Project Based Timesheets, Time of Hours like Overtime or Regular, Timesheet notifications. Updation of Timesheets depending on timesheet approval.
  • Choosing Payroll Settings will let you configure the frequency like Monthly, Yearly, or Quarterly. Starting of the Month, Pay Period Start Date. The option of choosing between week offs, holidays, and Attendance report to process payroll.

If you’ve been in business a while, ideally you want your records to match all your needs and wants, but entering all this information can seem overwhelming. Time to use SumoPayroll with a minimum amount of information where it uses the list of information that can be used over and over again. Get started with Sumopayroll to customize all your payroll needs.

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