SHRM Hyderabad 2018

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SHRM 2018


SumoPayroll likes to take this opportunity to proudly announce that it was the official exhibitor at SHRM 2018 HR Tech Conference, Hyderabad. Where there were many HR professionals who all came together to witness the latest HR innovations and also to create a thriving tech-led HR to keep the organizations be ready for making an advanced and leading path to keep the future organizations to be certain. With completely forecasted workforce spikes, every company must gear up and get ready for quicker decision-making, accurate predictions and use the necessary tools to meet specific needs and wants.

The SHRM HR Tech Conference, 2018, in Hyderabad, has thoroughly analyzed recent advancements and new approaches that can enhance HR trends, taking them one step further to make an impact and create attractive networking opportunities.


The conference also includes:

  • Connect and network with your peers effortlessly.
  • To gain access to Global Experts.
  • Experience advanced tools and stay updated with the latest technologies.
  • Focused learning with Break-out sessions.
  • Ability to learn new skills and stay up-to-date.

SHRM HR Tech Conference 2018, Hyderabad is one of the biggest platforms to gain a competitive edge and engage with globally recognized HR professionals to develop and serve the HR professional, with advanced standards and lead them to enhance the practice of human resource management.


SHRM 2018
SHRM 2018
SHRM 2018

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