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SumoPayroll is now at Gurgram. Gurgram is the part of National Capital Region in India. It is also known as a financial and technology hub. It has provoked an abrupt increase and recent tech boom because of its massive metropolitan area. The need for industrial automation and human resource solutions. The quick and ceaseless influx of talents in Gurgram has made it mandatory for HR departments to be on their tiptoes. This is where SumoPayroll is the perfect savior and trusted Online Employee Payroll & HR software in the city of Gurgram

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Customized Bonus & Commissions Reports:

Adding bonus details to each and every employee whenever required and scheduling payments for them every time can lead to erroneous information. To answer all these critical issues we have customized in providing Bonus and Commissions reports with a lot of accuracy with its effortless post-payroll activities. Commissions and Bonus reports are automatically calculated with an efficiency in the processing of the payroll for employees and totally integrating them.

Successful Bank Direct Deposits:

Many organizations mostly prefer making the payments for their employees through ‘Direct Deposit’ to avoid manual intervention. It is quite a tough task to make payments for each and every employee manually. Direct Deposit is an electronic mode to make payments with a lot of ease its main purpose is to deliver payroll automatically. Many companies consider direct deposit as the authentic, quick, and safe payment method. We gives a reliable way of “Direct Deposit” options. By using error-free format to schedule the payments for the employees with transparency.

Simplified Leave Management:

The calculating leaves for every particular employee overall is a complex task. An organization has their own kind of pattern for leaves consisting of varied payroll sections that may be divergent to that company. These issues make complicated for the HR Management to have a regular track on all leaves taken by every employee. We come up with a simplified leave encashment policies where an automatic calculation of leaves for the leave encashment and managing the employee’s leaves are done.

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