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Hyderabad is also called as ‘City of Pearls’. It is immensely considered as one of the largest cities in India in terms of business development and tech giants, it is also a most preferred place for various employment opportunities. SumoPayroll is a one-stop solution for all the needs related to HR & Payroll Management in Hyderabad. It provides all the characteristics which will meet the requirements of any organization from handling the payroll process to tracking the time and expenses.
HR & Payroll Management in Hyderabad

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Customized Leave Encashment Policies:

Calculation of leaves for each and every employee is a complicated process that varies from one company to another company. To tackle these issues we have come up with customized leave encashment policies where reviewing the employee leave management, Automatic calculation of the leaves for the leave encashment as well as managing the employee’s leaves can be done with a lot of ease.

Configurable Salary and Expense Reports:

Employee Expenses mainly describes the amount payable to the employees for which the amount spent by a particular employee for the official work-related purposes. We provide an hassle-free way to manage employee expenses. And in Salary Reports there is flexibility to adjust the basic amount, track history, revision of compensation for employees. Simplified payroll system options for viewing, issuing, generating and downloading the salary and expense reports both in PDF and Excel formats.

Highly-Secured Direct Deposits:

Making payments safely and securely for the employees in an organization can be a tedious task. Usually, it is very difficult to pay for each and every employee manually. Many organizations usually consider direct deposit as the fastest, simple, secure, and most reliable payment method available. Our payroll system provides a safe and secure form of “Bank Direct Deposit” options. It uses hassle-free way to make payments for the employee’s irrespective of any organization can be done without any inconvenience.


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