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Anyone, who has an impressive business network or an existing reseller partner-network, can become a partner. However, it’s easier for you to show results, as a partner, if you are already sold or provided service for any payroll or HR software packages.

  • Explain about Sumopayroll’s features and benefits.
  • Make the customers to Sign-Up
  • Enjoy attractive Sales commissions
Managed Service

Partnering with Sumopayroll gives a lot of benefits. We will give you a wholesome service so that you Train, Implement, Manage all your customers. And, also get dedicated product support from us.

  • Own Portal to manage customers and their subscriptions.
  • Dedicated Product Support.
  • Online/Offline Training
  • Early briefings and updates on product and strategy
  • End-to-end Payroll and HR management service

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