Sumopayroll Bags 2 Quality Certifications for Top Payroll Software From FinancesOnline Directory

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Sumopayroll is a proud recipient of two quality awards from FinancesOnline. It received FinancesOnline’s Rising Star Award 2019 and Great User Experience Award 2019. Business systems that experienced a substantial increase in popularity received the Rising Star award. Software solutions that offer a good user experience received the Premium Usability award in 2019. The experts considered the user-friendly interface, easy-to-use features, and well-designed functionalities of SumoPayroll while granting this award. In addition to these awards, Sumopayroll positioned itself in the top 500 accounting software products list and 34th in FinancesOnline’s payroll software reviews. Both distinctions are crucial for Sumopayroll to strengthen its place in the market.

FinancesOnline is the internet’s leading B2B software review platform. It helps businesses find the right software that can make their daily operations run smoothly. The experts at FinancesOnline analyze various features of the software and study other aspects before reviewing the software and help the users in choosing the right payroll management software. The reviews designed by them give an opportunity to the users to compare and pay attention to the factors that have great value.

Excelling as a Top Payroll Software

It’s a rapidly growing platform where software vendors and buyers connect. Businesses can access expert reviews covering software benefits, features, compatibility, integration, pricing, etc. The expert software reviews, comparison charts, and ratings help businesses in finding a software solution that meets their need.

Before choosing the HR & Payroll software it’s important to know whether the companies and individuals who implemented the software were satisfied with it. FinancesOnline has designed a special Customer Satisfaction Algorithm that gathers user comments and reviews from various social media websites. This helps others to know what the users who used a specific software think about it and what features they found beneficial. It also helps in making the right decision while choosing the software.

Sumopayroll is delighted to get placed in the list of top 500 accounting software products and for scoring 100% user satisfaction from FinancesOnline. Coupled with our customizable Sumopayroll pricing options, you can rest assured that all your payroll needs are met. The experts also evaluated various aspects and compared Sumopayroll with its competitors in different scenarios and gave an overall review score of 8.0 out of 10. Reviewers of the FinancesOnline highlighted some functionalities of Sumopayroll in the review.

Some functionalities of Sumopayroll

  • Easily accessible cloud-based platform and a centralized hub for accessing all employee-related information.
  • Users can retrieve and update information related to payroll from any device.
  • Standard payroll models for quick payroll computation process. Custom payroll compensation computation process for performing computations depending on your preference.
  • Effective employee self-service portal for handling employee request management.
  • The simple online process for employee request submission without the need for request form slips.

According to the Finances Online review, Sumopayroll is one of the most ideal payroll software for accountants due to the various problems it can solve. This includes: