What is Payroll Management System in India?

How payroll management system works - Sumopayroll india

Payroll Management System is one of the most important functions of an organization. It works on the compensation of employees which contains attendance and leave management, advances, loans, bonuses, tax deductions, and statutory compliance in accordance with the organization’s policies. Payroll Software in India can be quite complicated due to many laws enforced on organizations.

Payroll software is a human resource function in salary processing and might generate dissatisfaction among the employees and directly result in reduced productivity, and efficiency, and also effects the turnover rates. Earlier, payroll management in India was done by involving a lot of paperwork which is difficult to handle for both employees and employers, especially to those who work in the human resource and finance department. Other than documenting and managing files, there is more chance of occurrence of errors. This procedure is considered a time-consuming process and there is a huge impact on the overall productivity of the organization.

Apart from distributing paychecks to the employees, a lot of time consumes in the areas of payroll management such as calculating the tax deductions, and statutory compliance. Every time flipping through numerous files to respond to the employee queries is again a time-consuming task. By, using the latest Online Payroll management Software these works can be handled in a convenient way especially in the employee’s perspective. It will allow much transparency to the employees with respect to their marking attendance, leave information and management, deductions from the salary with respect to taxes. By this online software, dependency on HR and finance department for the data can be reduced.

Nowadays there is a huge development in information technology. Many organizations are working towards designing the payroll software a less tedious work, to avoid cumbersome paperwork. The employees of the concerned department were able to process the payroll in a better way with less consuming time.

Evolution of payroll software

The evolution in the field of information technology gave rise to the development of Online Payroll Software which helped many business enterprises in streamlining their payroll management. The payroll software made the calculations and recordings of wages quite easy for the employees in all the departments. Payroll software in India helps the employees in the human resources department to process the salaries of their employees in a quick and simple way when compared to the earlier traditional ways. Using automated payroll is more reliable and consistent with 100 percent accuracy. Hence, the chances of occurrence of errors are negligible.

It’s high time to upgrade a free payroll software in India which is Sumopayroll with its latest unique features and it offers ample benefits to business organizations in terms of calculating taxes, e.g professional tax, deductions, loans, and advances. SumoPayroll also gives flexibility to employees to view their salary slips online.



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