Are you looking for an Enhanced Payroll Process?

Enhanced Payroll Process

Sumopayroll cloud-based Employee Payroll and HR Management platform provide to enable the payroll features which not only improves an organization’s productivity but also gains and eliminates hours of typing with its enhanced payroll process. By using this highly interactive integrated attendance the processing of payroll becomes very easy.

Enhanced Payroll processing involves accurate payroll calculations, payslip generation, and managing payroll taxes and records keeping compliance. All these activities cannot be rushed into and must be performed using payroll software to ensure that employees do not get erroneous paychecks and all statutory compliance’s are met.

Configurable payroll settings help to run the payroll smoothly by selecting the batches like full time or part-time batch, editing Allowances and deduction types, selecting the Attendance and Leave Integration and the Pay Period.

Payroll calculation is a complicated process that varies from company to company. Each company may have its own payroll structure consisting of various payroll components that may be unique to that company only. Based on payroll settings the calculation of overtime and loss of pay is done.

The payroll process involves the following broad steps

  • Integrated attendance system with payroll process.
  • Automated calculations of salary, bonus, allowances, deductions, overtime, and loss of pay depending on simple payroll settings.
  • Options to modify allowances and deductions.
  • Ease of importing the company’s data into the payroll software.
  • Calculation of attendance depending on time-sheets.