What are the Post Payroll Activities?

Post Payroll Activities

Mostly running the post-payroll activities for each and every employee in an organization can be a tedious task. Sumopayroll enables an easy and sophisticated way to deal with this. It is automated, efficient processing of employee’s payroll with completely integrated and payroll posting. In Payroll Summary reports of TDS, PF, ESI/ Prof.Tax, and information about Loans / Advances and also payslips are found. These reports can be generated both in PDF and Excel.

Post-payroll activities specific to an organization include the reporting, declarations, and statements that each employer must produce for the relevant corresponding bodies. In the system, this reporting consists of reports that generate, issues and downloads. Depending on the activities the comments can be added.

Post Payroll Activities

  • Review, generate and issue of Payslips, TDS Reports, Cash Reports,
  • Accessing the Bank Reports and downloading them by choosing a financial year, frequency, period and batch.
  • Employee information like Employee Count, CTC, Gross, and Net Pay, Bonus and Loss of Pay, commissions, Processed Date, Processed By etc.

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