Now you can choose PDF or Excel format for your Reports!

How to Convert PDF to Excel

Why Choose PDF Format?

Portable Document Format popularly known with its short-form PDF was developed by Adobe Systems. Many organizations choose PDF format especially for generating reports like TDS, PF, ESI, Professional Tax, payslips, offer letters, experience letters, importing and exporting data, etc.

Benefits of Using PDF Format

Ease of creation and reading

Working with Word, Excel or PowerPoint, documents are easily converted into PDF, and can easily convert them back into the desired format too. Adobe Reader which is usually free to the public allows reading easily the PDF format and also ensures to send the files in the full version of the document.

Trusted Security

Security is the main reason for which PDF files are chosen even by legal professionals in the business because alteration can be avoided easily. Edit, Update and any kind of changes are tackled. As there will be sensitive data available like an intellectual property right which needs a higher level of security.


It can be used on all portable devices with all the functions. With PDF merging the documents like spreadsheets, presentations, photos etc, are done without losing the quality of the file and into a less file size.

Why Choose the EXCEL Format ?

Many times, using Excel will get the job done much quicker and easier, and sometimes it’s the other way around. Calculations, inserting, searching in Excel is done without any difficulties.

Benefits of Using Excel Format:

Quick formatting and Filtering

Excel automatically adds filter controls to the header row when they convert a range into a table. Execution to sort quickly by choosing a criteria item or color from the drop-down. It automatically applies a banded-row format to new tables. Hovering over new options, Live Preview updates the actual tables.

Reduces Duplicate Entries and other data work

If there are rows of text with repeating words in some of the rows by just simple selection and the data will be free from unwanted entries. Extending a table, making data entry is much faster and easier. Excel will automatically extend the table’s formatting to the new row. Hassle-free Calculations– If there are any calculations at all using Excel is best where even the decimal calculations, quick totals alignment, auto-fill of formulas by just selecting the required row and column with extending the validations.

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