How to Manage Employee Expenses through SumoPayroll


Employee Expenses mainly describe the amount paid to the employees for which the amount is spent by the employee for official work-related purposes. Sumopayroll provides a hassle-free way to manage employee expenses. There are options for both employees and the admin to claim or generate the expenses.

Employees can conveniently transfer their claimed amounts using the ‘Reimbursement Method,’ which allows employees to share claimed amounts easily, with the choice between ‘Payroll’ or ‘Manual’ options. Opting for ‘Payroll’ requires employees to select the ‘Schedule Period’ by specifying the month and year. Alternatively, when selecting ‘Manual,’ employees can choose from various ‘Payment Methods’ such as ‘Cheque,’ ‘Cash,’ or ‘Bank Direct Deposit’. Depending on the selected ‘Payment Method,’ employees must enter specific transaction details for processing. This adaptable approach within the payroll system ensures a personalized and seamless expense reimbursement experience.

Employees can effortlessly claim amounts using the ‘Expense Entry’ form, where they input essential details like Expense Type, Date Incurred, Amount, and Description and attach relevant files. Once submitted, employees can securely save their entries. Furthermore, the system offers transaction options, including viewing the submitted expense entry, accessing detailed expense information, and taking actions such as ‘Approve,’ ‘Void,’ or ‘Reject,’ ensuring a comprehensive and efficient expense management process.


  • Easily manageable expense entry form.
  • Checking the recent activity.
  • Options like ‘Approve’, ‘Void’, and ‘Reject’ for the ‘Expense Details’.
  • Simplified options for ‘Reimbursement Method’ like ‘Payroll’ and ‘Manual’.

Time & Expense Tracking empowers you to streamline your workflow by managing employee time sheets effectively. You can easily report your time; the process is simple and convenient. Employees can submit their timesheets through self-service or the mobile app.

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