How to Manage Employee Expenses through SumoPayroll


Employee Expenses mainly describes the amount paid to the employees for which the amount spent by the employee for the official work-related purposes. Sumopayroll provides an hassle-free way to manage employee expenses. There are options for both employees and to the admin to claim or generate the expenses.

The claimed amount can be transferred through a simple ‘Reimbursement Method’ by choosing between ‘Payroll’ or ‘Manual’. If the ‘Payroll’ option is been chosen then the month and year must be opted in ‘Schedule Period’. And if the ‘Manual’ option is been chosen then the ‘Payment Method’ will be available like ‘Cheque’, ‘Cash’,Bank Direct Deposit. Depending on the chosen ‘Payment Method’ the details need to be entered for a particular employee.

The employee can claim for the amount using the ‘Expense Entry’ form by providing simple details like Expense Type, Date Incurred, Amount, Description, Upload File (Attachment related to expenses need to be added). And that particular employee can save it. The option to view the submitted expense entry is also available. The options to view the ‘Expense Details’ is also available followed by ‘Approve’, ‘Void’ and ‘Reject’.


  • Easily manageable expense entry form.
  • Checking the recent activity.
  • Options like ‘Approve’, ‘Void’ and ‘Reject’ for the ‘Expense Details’.
  • Simplified options for ‘Reimbursement Method’ like ‘Payroll’ and ‘Manual’.



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