Brief information on Form 26Q in TDS.

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What is Form 26Q

TDS form 26Q has to be filled up for the declaration of a citizen’s TDS returns in detail. At the time of paying to the payee, the payer has to deduct TDS on certain occasions. This payment is other than payment of salary, and the payer has to file TDS return in Form 26-Q. It has to be submitted on a quarterly basis.

The total amount paid during the quarter and TDS amount deducted on such payments have to be reported in 26-Q. It needs to be indicated in the form of whether the deductor is Government or non-Government. e-TDS return in accordance with the file formats is to be prepared in clean text ASCII format with ‘txt’ as the filename extension.

The generation and downloading of Form 26-Q can be done as:

  • In the eTDS, the eTDS Filing option will be available. In that ‘New Return’ option needs to be chosen.
  • The basic details for the generation of Form 26-Q will be available.
  • Once all the details are been filled.
  • A .txt file will be generated and also can be downloaded which can be used for further eTDS file returns.

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