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Commissions and Bonus

Commissions and bonus are two sources through which employees receive additional compensation based on their achievements, performance, and contributions to the growth of the company.


Employers pay a bonus to employees as additional compensation beyond their actual wage or salary. This lump sum amount serves as a reward for the employee’s contribution towards the company.

Types of bonus

We will discuss the most common types of bonuses paid to the employees of the organization.

  • Performance Bonus: Employees or workers receive a performance bonus based on their performance towards achieving targets.
  • Annual Bonus: An annual bonus, given once per annum on special occasions like festivals or at the end of the financial year, is another type of bonus.
  • Non-cash Bonus: The non-cash bonus does not involve the monetary value. But some kind of reward in the form of gifts, paid leave, vouchers, travel coupons, etc.


The employer pays the employee a commission as a form of flexible compensation for sales or business conducted on behalf of the organization. In addition to the fixed wage or salary, the employee receives extra compensation under the name of commission.

Types of commission

The commission may differ according to the mode of payment in a situation, but here, we are going to discuss the commission provided to employees in the organization.

  • Direct Commission: A percentage of commission which is received by the employee via the sales activity. This activity will reflect in direct link with the individual sales and earning
  • Profit-based Commission: The additional commission is received by the employee for achieving surplus profit in the sales he performed on behalf of the organization
  • Ongoing Commission: In this type of commission the employee will continue to earn a commission for the sales which he has done in the past

However, The employee commissions and bonus may vary every time for each employee. With Sumopayroll, during the process of running payroll, the accountant can update the salaries of the employees in bulk by entering the commission or bonus amounts in the sample file corresponding to each employee and then importing the same sheet into the application.

In conclusion, This will minimize the burden and time of adding commissions to the salary structure at the individual level.

Sumopayroll also provides you with the salary report along with added commission and bonus you can easily select the financial report to extract the data.

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