Ease in calculating Commissions & Bonus Reports

Sumopayroll customizes and also provides ease in Bonus and Commissions reports with a lot of ease to Account Holders and Managers with its post-payroll activities. Bonus and Commissions reports are been calculated automatically with the efficient processing of employees payroll and completely integrating them. In Payroll Summary the Bonus and Commissions reports can be generated as well as downloaded both in PDF and Excel formats.

Benefits of automated Bonus & Commission reports

  • Generation of Bonus and Commissions report by selecting the particular Financial Year.
  • Option to choose the Frequency like Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly.
  • Selection of Period depending on the Frequency chosen.
  • Option to choose between batch.
  • Viewing the Bonus and Commissions reports after giving all the data.
  • Options to download the Bonus and Commissions reports both in PDF as well as Excel formats.

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