Generate Form 16B and file Income Tax Returns!!

Form 16B to file Income tax Returns

What is Form 16B?

Form 16B is a document that is issued to salaried personnel in India by their respective employers at the end of a fiscal year. The certificate or document carries necessary details of all earnings, and deductions that were processed by that employer in the preceding fiscal year. Form 16 B is also needed for individuals in the process of filing tax returns with the Income Tax Department of India.

Generating and downloading of forms can be done as

  • In the Payroll Forms, the option of selecting various Tax Forms will be present in that the Form16 can be chosen.
  • The basic description of Form16 will be available.
  • The option of choosing the Financial Year can be made.

There is also an option to choose either single employee or multiple employees for the generation-cum-download of the 16B form.

Sumopayroll cloud-based software that helps companies process their monthly payroll and also provides a way for you to generate Form-16B making it and user-friendly software for payroll services.

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What are TRACES?

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