Consultants Payments through Sumopayroll

Consultants Payments

Sumopayroll provides enhanced and easily configurable payment options to consultants. It provides flexibility to choose consultant type between ‘Individual’ and ‘Company’. The information of the ‘Individual’ and ‘Company’ need to be given depending on the option chosen. Payment Details, Calculation of GST and TDS, Payment method, Calculation of Base Amount and Net Amount.

Enhanced payment options for Consultants

  • Customizable consultant-type options to choose between ‘Individual’ and ‘Company’.
  • Identification details depend on the chosen consultant type.
  • Multiple options for choosing payments like Cash, Cheque, and Bank Details.
  • Automatic calculation of the GST and TDS.
  • Automatic calculation of the Base Amount and Net Amount.
  • Ease in generating Invoices.

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