Why is a Payroll application essential for an SMB?

payroll for SMB

Any Small & Medium Business would like to focus on its fast & steady growth by automating the other important business processes, where administration is a huge task, the best way to overcome these challenges is to go DIGITAL. HR & Payroll are such speed breakers to your business, you can hurdle these by shifting to SaaS-based cloud applications available online.

SumoPayroll is one such application that can solve your HR & Payroll administration.

Why should you not try? When one can get loads of benefits.

Audit Transparency

Companies have a payroll manager who can run an online payroll, an accounts manager who then processes the payroll, and finally, the management authority will release salaries to employees & payments that meet statutory requirements. These transactions require transparent auditing which an online payroll application only can provide. These role-based users track each change made, and they can generate audit reports.

Ease of Use

Cloud-based applications provide global access to HR & Payroll data anytime, anywhere with just a login. Mobile versions of these applications along with email notifications are also now available for prompt access.

Error Free

“To err is human” Payroll is involved with many calculations like TDS, PF, ESI, Gratuity & Profession Tax. These verticals require high concentration at work, being human, a minute error can cost huge which in turn can affect both the employer and the employee. A trusted cloud-based payroll application can get rid of these situations and the employer can now go ahead and pay the employee’s monthly salaries and other statutory compliance before deadlines.

Cost-effective & Save Time

The average per employee per month cost is as low as possible. Many online payroll application vendors offer free to try, SumoPayroll can easily be your choice as it is offered for free for start-ups with up to 10 employees. Generate reports instantly & raise a support ticket within the application.

Data Security

Last but not least, everyone worries about the DATA Security, that SaaS applications often provide…

  • Encrypted fields
  • Two-factor access
  • Frequent password changes
  • Web services provide safety and security
  • Role-based employee self-service