Why should you provide an HR Mobile app to your Employees?

HR Mobile App

Human Resources Management is indispensable for any company that wants to progress smoothly. This is a balancing act on the employer-employee relationship, to avoid friction and unpleasantness, and motivate the workforce towards dedication and Company’s progress. Technology advancements have ushered HR functions towards a new era.Free HR Payroll Software is a shining example.

Importance of Payroll:

At the end of the day, the employer-employee relationship hinges upon the remuneration derived by the employee from the employer. If this is kept on a high-scale of mutual trust and satisfaction, the management need not worry about mobilizing the unstinted cooperation of the entire workforce, consistently.

Until recently, Payroll Management was considered as a part and parcel of the Accounts Department. The awareness to attach this sensitive task with the HRD spread faster since often time the workforce wanted to get paid well and strictly according to their efforts put in. Flaws in this task created friction and the staff of Accounts Department was unable to tackle the same.

All these difficulties were wiped off in one stroke by automation of the Payroll activities, by the introduction of Latest and sophisticated Payroll and Management Software for Free.

This being an automated online HR Payroll application, the HR Manager and staff can easily handle them, along with their other HR functions. In fact, this software helped a lot in many ways, to compare, compile, record and report the money-related matters concerning the workforce.

Transparency as the main focus:

Once the need for suitable Payroll Software apps was mounting, the Engineers engaged in developing assorted Payroll Software India swung into action. Innumerable Payroll Management Software apps were developed and marketed, to cater to the needs of Companies and businesses – big, medium and small. Free HR Payroll Software apps emerged from prominent software developing companies like SumoPayroll in India.

  • With the advent of Cloud-based Payroll solutions, the burden on the part of HR Managers was reduced greatly on the one hand; and the transparency of all the Payroll-related details for the employee motivated and increased the productivity on the other.
  • The employee is immensely happy that by using this Mobile Software in their handphone, every pertinent detail of pay-scale, attendance, leave, deductions, compliance of tax regulations, applying for salary advance or loans etc. has been brought to their finger-tips.

Top benefits of providing HR Mobile app to your employees:

  • No room for human errors and miscalculations
  • Every intricate and minute detail about employment and benefits are known to the employees in macro-seconds
  • No need to roam from pillar to post to know these details from the various departments
  • An employee can plan ahead ways and means of increasing their remuneration, as well as savings by smart-planning
  • Boosts employee confidence vastly and enhances morale to dedicate towards work still more
  • Reduces enormous chunks of work in several departments, and thereby saves hugely to increase the profitability of the organization immensely.
  • A contended and cordial workforce can bring forth prosperity to the business, sooner than later.

With so many HR and Payroll benefits, it is time for you to go in for Free HR Mobile Software instantly!



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