What is Payroll Outsourcing?

Payroll Outsourcing Services

Payroll Outsourcing is a business to business service. Businesses may employ an external firm to handle all payroll functions to save time and money and also reduce the need for in-house trained payroll staff, and stays compliant with updated tax rules and regulations.

Why should you Outsource your Payroll?

Payroll is a time-consuming and complicated task. By outsourcing the payroll it frees up your mind from stress because the payroll service provider will be the one updating to the regulations and prevents the errors. Because of the following benefits, one should outsource their payroll:

  • Focus on Your Core Business: By Outsourcing the payroll function your organization can focus on making your employee successful so that the business is successful. Save your energy and resources for customers and focus on being the best in your business.
  • Save Time: It allows to focus on the business and spend valuable time on sales, marketing, and technology rather than focusing on tedious administrative functions like payroll
  • Provides Security: Outsourcing companies do not use the traditional paper payment method. Electronic payment methods are more secure. In case, if any, an error occurs, it can be traced by the outsourcing company and protects you from potential losses.
  • Direct access to experts: By Outsourcing payroll, payroll experts can answer employee queries on the phone or come down to your office and conduct specialized training sessions to the management & staff whenever there are changes in the Tax rules and regulations.
  • Reduce Cost: The saving in outsourcing payroll services starts with eliminating costly IT infrastructure. Investing in a customized payroll software solution for large organizations is so expensive. Payroll service providers manage, maintain, and improve secure platforms with highly skilled and specialized engineers. For large organizations the cost of hiring and retaining specialized staff for payroll processing is expensive.

Payroll Outsourcing Services

  • Track and report employee time and attendance data
  • Provides Employee self-service
  • Calculates Paychecks and Tax obligations based on employee time sheets
  • Provides automated paperless processing of regularly scheduled payrolls.
  • Process your payroll based on the latest legislative updates
  • Process Reimbursements and Arrears based on your policies
  • Support your entire employee payroll life cycle, from their date of joining to exit.

Key Points Know about Payroll Outsourcing

  • Integration of Cross Functions: Payroll outsourcing is the best option to integrate Human resource management, Finance, and Online banking. Many corporate organizations are willing to employ it and streamline the HR systems, accounting software, and online banking methods.
  • It brings Flexibility for International expansion: It provides flexibility to multinational companies for international expansion and deals with the complexity and diverse national regulations.
  • Getting Accurate Pay slips on time: Payroll outsourcing is supported by the organizations as it reduces the risk. On-time delivery of payslips proved to be a contribution to the business.


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