Employee location based time tracking app – A smart way for effective workforce management

location based time clock app

Businesses usually suffer while tracking the time and attendance of their mobile workforce. It is often easy to track work hours, activities, and breaks of your in-house employees. But, things become complicated when it comes to the mobile workforce who work remotely. If the working time-zone is also different, things can become quite challenging. This is where the need for GPS employee time clock App comes in. Sumopayroll’s time clock App with the location tracking and selfie feature simplifies the task of time and attendance tracking of the mobile workforce. It gives managers easy access to real-time information of the workforce that is working away from the office.

The GPS feature of the App allows employers to easily trace the exact location of their employees who are working remotely and leads to the effective usage of their time. When employers have the information they require, it is easy for them to process payroll accurately on time. So there is a high possibility of an increase in productivity. Using this GPS time clock App is beneficial for both employers and employees alike. It helps them to work systematically and enhances employee productivity. Whether it is your business marketing team or any other team, productivity can improve drastically.

Why do you need employee time clock?

Business needs employee time clocks for accurate tracking of their employee work hours. With the help of time clocks the remotely working employees can record clock in and clock out details, breaks, and other details. Such solutions save time as well as money. As the time and attendance data collection are automated, effort and cost required for doing time and attendance management are reduced. The data collected is directly exported into the payroll system which ensures timely and accurate payroll processing. Businesses can prevent issues such as payroll audit threats, buddy punching, and legal issues.

In the last few years, there have been significant changes in the business world. One of the key changes is the way how employees work. On a regular basis, people have to travel today as a part of their job or work remotely somewhere away from their office. No matter what they do, it is important to record their time and attendance from their current location.

The GPS time tracking apps help in effective employee time tracking. By using such Apps, mobile workers have the benefit to clock in and clock out from any device at any location. Whether in the field or on the road, they just need a mobile device to access the app. Sumopayroll provides a simple and user-friendly time clock app for effective workforce management. It comes with features that give employers the visibility of the employees who have a punch in and punch out. They can easily view relevant data needed for efficient management of their workforce.

What you can do with Sumopayroll GPS Time Clock App?

The Sumopayroll time clock app comes with features such as location tracking, correction request, and selfie. With this App, users can record and track the clock in and clock out the time of the employees. The term clock in time is nothing but the login time of an employee, while the clock out time means the logout time of an employee. Employees can log in to the app from their Android mobile devices and can conveniently record the clock in and clock out details. To login to the App, they have to register or can sign in with their Gmail or LinkedIn account.

Employees can punch time with and without using the selfie feature. If the employee wants to punch in / out along with selfie then the employee should enable the selfie option. This feature can hinder problems like buddy punching. Real-time visibility of clocking ensures that the right employee is punching at the right location. If the punching is done outside the acceptable region, managers can address the issues immediately. The clock in and clock out details of the employees are used to calculate the break hours and working hours. In this app, the break hours is the time between the logout and login of an employee. The working hours of an employee is the time between the login and logout of an employee.

This time clock App with GPS supports the location tracking feature which is designed to record the latitude and longitude of the location where an employee has done the clocking. The App allows users to view the current status, location and clocking history of the employees along with their break hours and work hours. Correction request feature is also available in the App that allows users to update clock in and out details that they have forgotten to enter. They can create correction request by entering details such as to request type, punch date, punch type, and reason. Users can even view the correction request details and their status that differ between void, pending and approved.

For assistance in using the App or for troubleshooting any technical issues, users can contact the support from the App. With the help of all these features, employers can easily locate their workforce and access their clocking details captured throughout the workday. Tracking the time and attendance details accurately and integrating it into the main Payroll system is also easy for employers.

Technical details

  • Sumopayroll time clock App is free to install.
  • It is compatible with all Android OS.
  • Users can install the App from Google Play stores.
  • The size of the App varies from one device to another.