Things You Need To Know About Organization Chart And How It Works In SumoPayroll

organization chart

For effective employee management in your organization, managers have to know the organization’s structure. This is where the need for an organizational chart comes in. It is a Hierarchical chart that gives the internal structure of your organization. With the help of this chart, you can know various relationships among departments, teams, and individuals. No matter what the size of your organization is, the organization chart is a vital component to consider. Apart from reporting employee relationships across the organization, an organization chart provides various other benefits. Here are some vital things you need to know about organization charts.

What is an organization chart?

An organization chart, also known as a hierarchy chart, org chart, or Organograms is a graphical representation of the structure of a company or an organization. It shows the relationships hierarchy or reporting relationships within the company. The org chart includes boxes, circles, or other shapes and lines to connect them. Boxes and circles represent employee names, titles, or designations, and lines are there to link them to other departments and employees. Sometimes, the boxes include other employee details like photos, email IDs, contact information, and page links.

The org chart facilitates individuals in comprehending the organizational structure, its levels, and the positioning of each employee within the organization. The organization charts have a number of uses and you can structure them in various ways. Org charts may be useful as a management tool for the purpose of planning or for the directory.

Purpose of using Org Chart

Earlier, the use of organization charts in companies was primarily done by HR and leaders. The HR department is responsible for maintaining the chart in companies. It updates it regularly with data on new hires, when there is a change in positions of employees, or when they leave the job. So, other business units that need an org chart usually know whom to contact. Now, business leaders make use of organization charts in various instances such as to add or reduce headcount, presentations, and to find where employees have a chance to change their job roles. Using an organization chart is quite helpful to new hires in knowing names, titles, and in what position they fit in the overall organization structure. They can even benefit from knowing their co-workers’ names, professional details, and even their photos. The org chart can improve visibility throughout the whole organization.

How does the Sumopayroll Organization chart work?

An organization chart or org chart of Sumopayroll outlines the functions and relationships of employees from top to bottom of an organization in a hierarchy structure. The chart shows employees in a hierarchy based on the role of each employee and to whom they report. It helps to elucidate the reporting structure for every employee working in the organization. In any company, employees have to know who is their supervisor or to whom they have to report. This is important, especially in situations where time constraint is there, and they have to solve a problem or need guidance from their managers. To solve any issues, they needn’t have to wait for meetings or the right time to get assistance from their superiors.

Here are a few things you can do with Sumopayroll Org Chart:

  • With the Sumopayroll Org Chart feature, you can view the hierarchy of each employee in the organization and find out who is reporting to whom.
  • By selecting the employee in the Org Chart, it is possible to assign them or remove them accordingly. If the employees are not assigned reports, then they will report directly to the company. In the Org Chart, all the unassigned employees are reported under the company.
  • There is an option ‘MANAGE Org Chart’ that allows you to view unassigned employees who do not report to anyone. The admin can select these employees and assign them to the appropriate manager depending on the need. Assigning unlinked employees to the Org chart stops alerts for timesheets, time clocks, and leave requests. The super admin approves pending leaves, watches, and sheets pre-Org Chart inclusion. They also agreed to requests from employees initially in the Org chart but later removed.
  • Employees who have pending leave requests, time clocks, or timesheets are not eligible to be assigned to the Org Chart.
  • Employees can check their Org Chart by selecting the ‘My Org Chat menu’.
  • It is also possible to print the org chart of an individual employee by searching the employee name or selecting it from the drop-down menu.

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